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Day 5 Volunteer Blog – Jamie Reeves


The day we all made our way to the Maasai Mara Safari Weekend! We left our accommodation at 7.30am heading out of Nakuru on a 7hr journey to the Maasai village. 18 of us were divided into 2 4X4 Safari vehicles. The first 4-5 hrs of our trip was full of laughter and singing. The main road then came to an end and it turned into an off road adventure for the last 2-3hrs of our journey. The bumpy roads was like getting our own Kenya massage! We then arrived at Maasai camp where we received a warm welcome from the [...]

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Day 4 Volunteer Blog – Gus Gardener


The alarms were set half an hour earlier than normal and a wake up time of 7:30 was agreed with breakfast being served at 8 for a prompt 8:30 leave. Silver bells is a further distance from our accommodation compared to Melon Mission so an early start is needed! At 8:30 on the dot Joseph and his bus arrived to take us on the 20 minute bus ride to silver bells. A bus full of 17 very excited people plus our in country guide, Joyce, were on our way. To get to silver bells you go down some single file gravel [...]

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Day 3 Volunteer Blog – Emily Osborne


Today we were setting off to melon mission again, the sun was beaming and as always so are the children’s smiles. To start with a few of us continued to paint the outside of the school this time with bright colours, the chalky paint wears off so quickly that by knowing you are saving the school money on having to pay someone to do this job again shows how we really do make a difference. One of the older boys Daniel continued to help us paint, as he was painting he slowly began to tell us his story, how he was [...]

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Day 2 Volunteer Blog Billie Jones March 2016


Today at 9.30 we went back melon mission school for the day. When we got there the children were all in class, the volunteers split in to a few groups, we went to teach the children, help with preparing food or paint the outside walls white. At first I and other volunteers went in to class 3 to do reading and then we asked them questions about the book we had been reading to them. We went to class 2 and did the same and then we did a bit of maths on the chalk board. We also helped one of [...]

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Day 1 Volunteer Blog Ellie & Ben March 2016


Early start of 7.30 after 24 hours of travelling from leaving Swindon at 9am local time on Saturday morning and arriving in Nakuru at 1pm local time on Sunday afternoon. Breakfast was served as sausage sandwiches which was a delight to most people… The bus arrived at 9am to take us to Melon our first day at the school, we were excited, nervous, overwhelmed, a complete mixture of emotions. Covered in sunscreen and DEET, sweat and carrying litres of water we made our way through Nakuru town and the slums. Well what can I say…. The people were happy. Smiling, full [...]

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